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safety boat hire services






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Safety Boat Hire Services.

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Confined Space Entry Services

Welcome to Sea Technology UK  - Confined Space Contractor - the leading specialist in confined space entry services and rescue operations. Sea Technology UK  provide professional confined space access and entry solutions to both the onshore and offshore sectors. We aim to make life easy for people working and having contact with confined space hazards in their workplace by promoting hazard awareness and providing practical safety solutions. At Sea Technology UK we follow a safe system for working inside the confined space, we carry risk assessment to help identify the necessary precautions to reduce the risk of injury.  We offer confined space access teams to carry out maintenance, repairs, inspections, marine - structural surveys and marine construction services. Please contact us for any advice or visit our main Home page, for any further details and prices on our marine services and confined space entry services please contact us directly.

The Confined Spaces Regulations 1997



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safety boat skippers: minimum power boat level 2 commercial indorsement 

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September 2020-Safety Boat - Vauxhall Bridge 

June 2020- Work Boat Hire 

May 2020 - Safety Boat Albert Bridge London 

Feb- 2020 - Boat work London 

Jan - 2020 Safety Boat - River Thames  

Dec - 2019 - Safety Boat Hire - Lotto Project - London 

Nov - 2019 - Sea Technology UK - work boat hire - River Thames

Oct - 2019 - Safety Boat Hire - London Canary Wharf 

Sep 2019 - Sea Support Services - Work Boat Hire - Reading - River Thames 

July 2019 - Sea Technology UK Ltd - Boat Hire London 

June 2019 - Safety Boat Service Hire - London Putney 

May 2019 - Work / Safety Boat Hire - River Brent , Brentford 

April 2019 - Safety Boat Hire Services - Canary Wharf London 

Mar 2019 - Manned Safety Boat Hire - River Lea London / Stratford 

Feb 2019 - Work Boat Hire Services - London Thames

Jan 2019 - Safety Boat Service Paddington Basin 

Dec 2018 - Sea Technology UK Ltd - Reading Safety Boat Cover 

Nov 2018 - London Safety Boat Hire Service  

Sep 2018 - Inspection / Safety Boat Hire - River Thames 

Aug 2018 - Safety Boat Hire Service - River Trent 

July 2018 - Inspection Boat Hire - River Lea - Stratford 

June 2018 - Work Boat Hire - London River Thames 

May 2018 - Safety Boat Hire Services - London 

April 2018 - Safety Boat Cover - River Lea , Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park  

March 2018 - London River Thames - Inspection Works , Tell-Tales 

February 2018 - Great Yarmouth - Safety boat cover

January 2018 - Safety Boat Service - London   

December 2017 - Central London Safety Boat Services - River Thames 

November 2017 - Inspection Works River Thames 

October 2017- Safety Boat Hire - London 

September  2017 - Work and Safety Boat Cover - London Area

June 2017 - River Thames Safety Boat Hire 

April 2017 - Safety Boat Cover - London 

March 2017 - Work Boat Hire Service - City of London 

February 2017 - Rescue Boat Hire Service - Central London 

January 2017 - Safety Boat Services - London River Thames 

December 2016 - Safety boat cover - London Canary Wharf , Isle of Dogs

November 2016 - Work and Safety Boat Hire - The Queen Mother Reservoir

October 2016 - Safety Boat Hire Service River Lea

August 2016 - Safety Boat Services on River Trent. 

July 2016 - Boat Hire River Thames. 

May 2016 - Safety Boat Service on River Thames Albert Bridge.  

March 2016 - Safety and Work Boat Hire River Lea London Stratford. 

Feb 2016 - Work Boat Hire - River Thames London. 

Jan 2016 - River Trent Survey.  

Dec 2015 - Safety Boat Services - Albert Bridge London. 

Nov 2015 - Safety Boat Hire - River Thames.

June - July 2015 - Safety Boat Job - Inspection - River Lee.

April 2015 - Safety Boat Hire - Mimram River.

Jan 2015 - Safety Boat Inspection Great Yarmouth.

Nov 2014 - Safety Boat Services River Yare .

Oct 2014 - Safety Boat River Thames London.

Sep 2014 - The Newham London Waterfront Festival 2014 .. for more click here....

July 2014 - Bridge Inspection - Great Union Canal.

Jan 2014 - Work boat contract - River Trent. 

Sep 2013 - The Newham London Waterfront Festival 2013 .... more info click here....

May 2013 - Security Boat cover River Trent - Nottingham.

April 2013 - Sea Technology UK Ltd Standby / Safety Boat  Service  River Thames. 

March 2013 - Safety Boat Contract - River Trent.
October 2012 - Scaffolding and Construction Ltd - Gas Works  River Mole.
September 2012 - Diving services - Swansea Docks.

January 2012- Our company has provided Safety Boat Service at the London Olympic Park successfully completing project - Lea Navigation Bridges.

December 2011- Sea Support Services has successfully completed part 1 of the operation at Olympic Park in London.

November 2011 - Sea Support Services has successfully won safety boat contract at the Olympic Park in London.


Remote Control Lifesaving Buoy -  - click here

Shipping Just Got Smarter ...

Vessel Motion Monitoring System - Safer Crew Transfer - Wind Farms .... read more 

Sea Plant Exchange International - website .... click here 

Global Maritime Directory ....  click here.

safety boat hire services - price from £260 per day - security and safety boat contractor - work vessels - floating platforms - diving services - rib hire and rib charter- safety boat job - now recruiting, fully licensed safety boat for sale

safety boat hire services 
Sea Technology UK Ltd 
 is a leading marine safety provider in London and the UK  for work boats, safety boats , crew transport vessels, security boats and offshore wind farms support vessels.

Our vessels and barges can be deployed to any U.K. location, at short notice , prices and hire rates are available on our website .

Sea Technology UK  provide specialist work boat hire and safety boat hire for works in London and to all U.K.  locations.

Our safety boats are licensed and inspected by the Maritime Coastguard Agency or PLA.

We are one of the main Commercial Diving Contractors covering all U.K. providing

professional  diving services.  Follow us on Twitter - Sea Technology UK@SeaSupport.

Insurance   Public Liability cover £10.000.000    Employers Liability  £10.000.000. 

Safety Boat Job - Now Recruiting.   Safety Equipment Hire & Services

For safety boat hire prices and rates please contact us directly, work boat hire price - we will beat any written like for like quote, for more information please contact us  here...    

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